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This site is still being developed, and while the current version can be considered stable, the content may not be complete (see Models without Artists or Adding artists) and some functionality may be subject to change.

KDM Collector is a fansite and is not affiliated with Kingdom Death.

Failing to find an overview of all the miniatures released, along with pictures, and perhaps, even build links, videos, painting guides or even examples of painted miniatures, I decided to create the backbone for this site. I run my own (small) web agency business, so hosting and developing is not an issue (only time...).

Thanks to the following people, in no particular order, for granting permission to use their images or otherwise helping out: Elizabeth Beckley, Scott Hockley, Demian from VibrantLantern, Marina Ainagoz (Ringil), Shoshie Bauer, Drew Drescher, ToadPainter, Nick Wirtz, Jay Adan, Steicy & Vincent (Wondercat Painting), Li Zhu (for testing so much!), Dominik Chlubna...

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