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GenCon Models added!

August 22, 2018
Lots of new models arrived with the GenCon Sale!

We have added the following models to our catalog:

You can now filter the catalog by unpainted models.
Just click the Display: dropdown and select Unpainted Models

Image Contest

We are planning to launch the image contest in September or October, we need more price support ;-) The rules for the contest will be very simple, within a given time period, every image upload of a painted model, will be counted. Whomever uploads the most, wins ;-) More details soon(ish).


June 05, 2018
4 new models arrived with the June Sale!

From the KDM Newsletter: This month we have some new releases, the return of our Summer Death Dice, some encores, and current expansions for Kingdom Death: Monster are finally on sale!

We have added the following models to our catalog:

You can now sort the catalog by recently added models.
Just click the Sort by: dropdown and select Recently added

Image Contest

We are planning to host an image contest, but are still working out the details, and, of more interest to you, the prizes ;-) What I can share at this point, is you're probably going to want to start painting and take some nice pictures of your models. More information soon...

Catalog Updated

May 21, 2018
Li joins the team!

A fellow collector, bug finder extraordinaire, Li Zhu from New York, will now aid in keeping the model catalog current and complete. At the time of writing, the catalog -should- be complete. The following models have been added:

If you want to help complete the catalog with models or data, please contact Li or send me an email. Be sure to also read this FAQ entry.

You can now also filter the catalog to show only models that have gaming content.

Image Contest

More information soon...

Catalog Updates incoming

May 01, 2018
We know there are a few models missing

Help is on the way. A fellow collector will hopefully join soon and aid in maintaining the catalog. Also, Adam stated that he intended to help filling the catalog. Here's hoping ;-) In the meantime, we've added the latest models from the May Sale. Check out the Cyclops Knight or Priestess. We've also added a couple of new features:

  • Flag a miniature for sale
  • Flag a miniature for trade
  • Add a miniature to your wishlist
  • List Sharing: You can now share all lists (such as collected, missing, painted, sale, trade and wishlist) with others. By default public sharing for all lists is disabled. You can change this in your account settings, where you will also find an overview of your List links.
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